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Thymoquinone is a compound that has steadily been attracting the attention of both the ordinary person and the scientific community. Thymoquinone (TQ) is the scientific name for the compound contained in the Nigella sativa plant. The plant itself was used by ancient healers in past civilizations for hundreds of years. There‚Äôs also evidence of the plant in the tomb of King Tut. Due to the plant’s past, research is now being conducted on the various chemicals contained in the plant and how they benefit our bodies.

In the traditional sense, N. Sativa was used to treat various diseases including fever, allergies, headache, cough, parasites, toothache, inflammations, diabetes, and dizziness, among others. The N. Sativa is native to South West Asia and has since been moved to Northern Africa and Europe, where it has been cultivated and naturalized. The same plant is equally known for its black cumin seeds or simply black seed which acts as both a spice and condiment.


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